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Welcome to the definitive source for enthusiasts of Blaser, Sauer, Mauser and modern Rigby firearms. This site isn’t about politics, except for the right to keep and bear arms, or about international relations. It’s about Blasers and the Blaser family of firearms, perhaps the finest quality and most accurate production guns ever made. You’ll find forums, articles, product reviews and relevant links to first class Blaser firearms family dealers, associations and of course the Blaser Jagdwaffen Company’s website. 

Shot Show 2016 & Blaser's New Offerings!

Take a look at the GunsAmerica.com Blog on their offerings here. Photo's Courtesy of GunsAmerica.com   Read More

Special SCI Convention Sauer 404 Auction!

Sauer 404.jpg                  

SCI will be the official U.S. introduction of the first hand engraved Sauer 404 calibered in .404 Jeffrey with grade 11 wood. This custom Sauer 404 depicts an illustration of the world record Stone Sheep which was hunted by L.S. Chadwick in August 1936 in British Columbia.  The iconic Chadwick Ram themed engraving is located on the receiver and the magazine floor plate.  Each motif on the pistol grip cap, trigger guard and bolt handle are embedded in gold ornaments.

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R8 Long Range Versions in 338 Lapua Magnum!

R8 LONG RANGE: A Powerful Performance
R8LRGRS   R8 Long Range GRS cal. .338 Lapua Magnum MSRP: $ 5,900 Long range shooting enthusiasts and hunters will agree size does matter. While the targets are different the requirements are the same and in April 2015 the .338 Lapua Magnum will be available for the R8!   The .338 Lapua Magnum displayed superior qualities for trajectory and down range bullet penetration without the erosion of the barrel found in other high velocity calibers. The specific demands of the caliber did however present challenges that many... Read More

Blaser Active Hunting Outfits, Now for sale in the USA!

Blaser active outfits (BAO): A cool collection, now for sale in the USA!
Anyone hunting during the summer months needs to keep a cool head, even in high temperatures. To guarantee carefree comfort and high durability during all manner of outdoor pursuits, our summer collection uses mainly lightweight, yet sturdy... Read More

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