Eric Ching’s Shooting Résumé

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Owner and Instructor
Defensive Pistolcraft
Mountain View, California

Adjunct Faculty Member
American Pistol Institute
(now Gunsite Academy)
Paulden, Arizona

TRAINING Firearms:
American Pistol Institute, Paulden, Arizona
(now Gunsite Academy)
Basic Pistol
Advanced Pistol
General Rifle
Tactical Carbine
Tactical Shotgun

Yavapai Firearms Academy, Prescott Valley, Arizona
Basic Shotgun

Lethal Force Institute, Concord, New Hampshire
LFI-I (guest instructor)

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, Las Vegas, Nevada
Submachine Gun Seminar

Other Defensive Training:

Safe & Secure Lifestyles
Bujinkon San Francisco Dojo, San Francisco, California

Defensive Use of the Mini-Maglite

Handgun Retention for Civilians

“No More Littletons!” (unarmed response to mass killers)

Glock USA
Armorer Certification Course

MEMBERSHIPS & AFFILIATIONS Professional International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI)

American Society for Law Enforcement Training (ASLET)

International Wound Ballistics Association (IWBA)

American Society of Criminology (ACS)

The Mannlicher Collectors Association (MCA)

Safari Club International (SCI)

Political National Rifle Association (NRA)

California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA)

Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA)

Doctors for Intergrity in Policy and Research (DIPR)

Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO)


The Ching Sling, a three-point shooting and carry sling that was adopted by Jeff Cooper as part of his Scout Rifle concept, and is featured on the new Steyr Scout Rifle.

The Safari Ching Sling, the newest member of the modern speed sling family.

The Ching Ring, which is a barrel-mounted Scout Scope base that eliminates the need for custom pedestal barrels

Firearms advisor to mystery writer Sue Grafton, and to novelist Ward Tanneberg

Attended original Front Sight Curriculum Conference at King City, California, 1992

Selected Publications:

Letter: Effect of Restrictive Handgun Laws, N Engl J Med 1992, 326:1158-9.

Letter: Suicide in the Home in Relation to Gun Ownership, N Engl J Med 1992, 327:1879.

Letter: Firearm Violence and Public Health, JAMA 1994, 272:1407-8.

“The Ching Sling,” The Mannlicher Collector, No. 53, 1998.

“Portable Powerhouse: the .376 Steyr Scout,” The Mannlicher Collector, No. 62, 2000.

“A Mystery Mannlicher,” The Mannlicher Collector, No. 66, 2001.

“A Scout to Snout Encounter,” The Mannlicher Collector, No. 67, 2001.

“The .376 Steyr: 300-grain Dangerous Game Loads,” African Hunter (Zimbabwe), Vol.7, No.5, 2002

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